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Case Study:

Harwood Inn, Stonefix Heavy Duty Grime Remover & Stonefix Sealant

Deep cleaning of a 20m2 area stone floor, from the pub's entrance to the bar, a section in front of an adjacent fireplace.


This popular pub, in the Harrogate village of Pannal, had temporarily closed while new landlords Gary and Bev Cox took over its running. The pair called in the services of Natural Stone Cleaning Services to spruce up the internal stone flooring, leading from the pub's front doors right up to the bar. A secondary area, in front of a stone fireplace was also identified for the NSCS team to clean.

Day One


This area was heavily soiled after years of beer spillages, cigarette ash and dirt being
trampled in from outside. Both the tiles and the grout lines were discoloured to a uniform black and it was difficult to make out the mosaic tiles from any distance or to see any of the colours inherent in the tiles. An acid wash was used to cut through this first level of grime by applying it with a brush, leaving to soak for a few minutes, and then agitating with a buffing machine.Within seconds the solution and water mixture began turning the colour of clay as the first level of grime was lifted.


On completion of the initial acid wash stage, Stonefix Heavy Duty Grime Remover was applied to the stonework. This neutralised the acid and lifted the remaining layers of dirt after further agitation.The solution had been applied using a bucket and brush but a spray application would have worked just as well.

After only a few minutes of using the Stonefix Heavy Duty Grime Remover solution, the original greens, reds, yellows and browns, within the stones, became visible for the first time in many years and the grout lines had returned to their original light grey.



The floor was left to dry out overnight but was able to be used as normal.The sealant was then applied, with a brush, with about a 45 minute drying time between coats.


The tiles and grout had been restored to their original colour and, thanks to the sealant,would stay that way for a very long time to come.


Landlady Bev Cox said:

"I'm incredibly impressed with the result and couldn't believe the difference in colours once the sealant had been applied and left to dry.

"The final coat only takes about 45 minutes to dry and then it's fine to walk on. We were able to leave it longer as we were not opening until the following day but it really is ideal for anybody in the licence trade as it can be done over a couple of mornings with no disruption to trade.

"The Natural Stone Cleaning Services team did a thoroughly professional job. They come highly recommended."